Razbio's Research

Health Biotechnology

Besides Razbio’s involvement in agriculture, it has been focused on human health. We are committed to provide smart solutions in the health sector mainly targeting human health hazards and human diseases. Our efforts include disease vector control, pesticide free crops and optimized organic farming. Our researchers have been working on these fronts to minimize the impact of vector borne disease on the marginalized communities and chemical pesticides on consumers.

Health Biotech

Integrated Disease Vector Control

We are involved in the control of insect vectors responsible for various diseases including dengue, malaria, etc. Such diseases are prevalent in low income countries and impose huge burden on their already struggling health sector. In order to facilitate, Razbio has developed relatively cheaper lure and kill strategy using novel lures and bio-control agents. These have been successfully tested. Further, Razbio invests in advance smart solutions to contain the spread of insects responsible for vector-borne diseases.

Health Biotech

Promotion of Pesticide Free Crops

Pesticides are major chemical hazards that cause cancer and other health complications. Pesticides are also a major source of polluting the ground clean water, which is a major source of hazard for humans and living organisms. Razbio, by developing bio-based and environment-friendly solutions alternatives to control the pests. This helps in saving the environment and ground water that is otherwise become hazardous due to the chemical pesticides.

Health Biotech

Optimized Organic Farming

Insects are animus to the organic farming as crops without chemical control are at greater risks to insect attack. Razbio’s developed techniques to control the insects in the field helps farmers to grow organic crops easily without the application of insecticides. Razbio directly and indirectly promotes organic farming while actively organizing meetings with farmers. Our experts regularly advise farmers. We have successfully worked with the strawberry growers to develop and tests our products.