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What We Do?

Razbio Ltd. is a forward-looking biotech company, that aim to deliver natural and safe solutions for agricultural crop production & preventing human, animal & plant diseases.




Health Biotech

Razbio Ltd. offers a variety of products in various fields including agriculture. We aim to reduce dependence on traditional toxic pesticides from the crops. We provide alternate solutions such as lures and repellents for integrated pest management in crops.

Knowledge Exchange

Razbio Ltd., being a multinational platform, believes in the knowledge sharing and exchange programs. We strive to promote research collaborations, technology transfer, and capacity building. It provides numerous courses and training sessions for the professionals and farming communities. Our knowledge exchange programme offers opportunities for scientists, consumers of the technology and policy makers, to interact and collaborate towards the delivery of holistic and practical solutions for quality food production.

Research Collaboration

Technology Transfer

Training Courses

About Razbio

At Razbio, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer bespoke smart solutions, using novel technologies for human/animal health, plant production/protection and quality control protocols.

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